Stay safe my media peeps!

In the aftermath of today’s senseless shooting WDBJ7 Reporter Alison Parker and WDBJ7 Videographer Adam Ward, I wanted to share with you how hard many news peeps work in sometimes dangerous environments.

While the majority of them work in the safety of their news stations, many of the reporters and videographers are out in adverse and dangerous conditions. People don’t know it, but tons of work goes into just 30 seconds of TV. So many hands handling just one story for the broadcast.

I’ve worked with media locally and nationally – each station has their own flair and panache. Yes, at times relationships between public safety and the media can be strained however, I have great admiration for the media in their ever changing profession and assignments. I honestly respect your dedication to reporting the news and seeking the line of truth every day.

I encourage all media to be safe while onscene and be attentive to your surrondings (situational awareness). If your local emergency services can help during an emergency, do not hesitate to call 911. You are a crucial part of every community in providing the news. Most importantly, you are a part of our community.

Stay safe media peeps!



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