5 and 4 and 1 with a side of #DFT2015

Because of an abrupt change in schedules, October fizzled out quick. But November should be nicer.

First week: I’ll be working with the team at Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office and County Exec on a few social media things.

Second week: Bunch of tactical stuff including more video fun. #PewPew

Third week: I have been reassigned to teach in Region-1 in New Hampshire. So for those that inquired, I will not be able to attend the 2015 EM Conference in Vegas. #boo

Fourth week: Heading to Chicago! And yes, I’m considering attempting to deep fry a turkey. I’m hoping NOT to burn the city down #DFT2015

Fifth week (sorta): Leading into December, I will most likely be assigned to FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness for additional training with External Affairs or the Recovery Directorate. Fun in Region-4 Alabama!


In my spare November time, I might be able to close a few national projects still on the table. Things should fall into place for December and January 2016.


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