Aerial survey, field office, and lodging with no signal in a box…I mean in a ship.

Made the quick hop from St. Croix to St. Thomas today.

A few of our partner agencies are also out helping to canvas the area too. 

Great to be working with our friends from DoD.

Nice way to see sunken/submerged vessels in the harbors…

…as well as a quick view of the Blue Roof Program.

Three in the green and back down and secure, instructed to get to our AFO for IT, APO, and of course some supplies.

Also, kinda ominous graphics and spirit signs on the side of the walls here at the AFO (Alternate Field Office).

As you know in the US Virgin Islands: St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix sustained a direct hit Category-4 hit from Hurricane Irma and a Category-5 from Hurricane Maria.

Responder housing? Lodging? Yep, I’m on a boat! 

While the view at the top deck of the ship is OK…

…my room is almost at the bottom of the boat with no windows or cell signal. Basically a closet. So I pretty much feel like I’m in the hole.

This “no signal” problem is a huge issue for PIOs. With data or cell signal non-existent, that is a true challenge for external affairs.

Oh well. At least there are no iguanas in my bed.


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