Morning show interviews here at WSTA Radio #USVI 

Saturday morning FEMA PIO work here at WSTA morning radio show.

Despite being hit by a category-4 hurricane Irma and a following category-5 hurricane Maria, this station continued to broadcast throughout the entire storm. 

WSTA was the voice for the US Virgin Islands from pre-landfall, broadcasting through the direct hurricane hit, and the aftermath. Today’s show was a multi-agency show. Glad to have USVI Senator President Myron Jackson and the Community Action Now Director Iffat Walker.

FEMA is commited to working with all of our partners in public safety together as we provide for the recovery for all those in the US Virgin Islands.

Whether St. Thomas, St. Croix, or St. John – we at FEMA are here for the long haul to better all of these communities in the US Virgin Islands. Special thanks to Radio host Addie Outtley for having us on the show today.

Great morning show here in the US Virgin Islands 🇻🇮 . Tune in everyday to 1340AM


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