Got to work a work with the VIFD on a fire in St. Thomas today #USVI 

T: “Awww, that looks like someone BBQing chicken again.”

Me: “Dude, that isn’t chicken. Black smoke. Someone’s got a work. Let’s go!”

So I’m first due. It appears to be debris. I don’t think its up against a structure or anything. 

Engine-105 pulls up, I briefed the officer and firefighters from VIFD. They dropped a crosslay from the rear.

Pulling hose on a working fire…is fun.

With the second due engine pulling in, the initial attack crews here about to make the hit.

Fun times.

Glad my decades of firefighting skills helped. Super glad to support the Virgin Islands Fire Department today. As always, we at FEMA are glad to be an integral part of the communities that we serve across this great country. 

No matter the role, we are all an integral part of the fabric in this community.

Proud to serve.


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