Lots of interviews lined up for WNBC from New York City

Saturday is a packed schedule as we hosted WNBC here in USVI St. Thomas.

Interviews planned at our local Disaster Recovery Center….

…also field interviews with survivors as well as overview on ongoing recovery operations.

Great quotes from DIV/SUP Newton Tang. Must have been that great prep work from your favorite PIO!

Off to interview with a high end small business owner who had a great line “We are all in it together.”

Joe was well dressed and perfect for the interview. All smiles for the FEMA recovery efforts as resilience is key.

Then we did another interview with a small business owner along the waterfront for all the cruise ship passengers.

Then to an iconic place along the waterfront – Green House Restaurant for a few lead ins and teasers.

WNBC Reporter/Anchor Michael Gargiulo and Videographer Neil Astro

Glad to be working the PIO angle for the Division Supervisor.

FEMA PIO Sur, WNBC Reporter/Anchor Gargiulo, and acting FEMA DIV/SUP Tang

Reporting live from the US Virgin Islands in downtown St. Thomas…


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