Hosting WNBC crews from #NYC in #USVI STJ for disaster recovery operations

SundayFunday started with more interviews – this time on the USVI St. John.

Our FEMA Division Supervisor Patrick Cornbill shared a few ongoing operational tasks that are being completed including a few special resources being used here on St. John.

Highlighting the ongoing efforts as well as discussing specific challenges that are unique to St. John will help viewers gain a better picture of what is really happening here on St. John.

I am thankful for our talking points as well as my contingency planning quotes I had ready to go. #PIO Although we didn’t get through all my planned events, mission objectives were shared and mission goals were conveyed.

Talked to a few disaster survivors and their experiences with applying for disaster assistance.

Few NGOs were able to share their succcess stories with WNBC and were happy to share partnership success stories with the media.

Also had a chance to take them to a few residential properties that have suffered serious damages from the hurricane.

Glad to be a part of the FEMA team here in the USVI.

Proud to serve so many disaster survivors.


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