Day-2 OEMA Basic PIO class in Delaware County

Our benevolent overlords at FEMA EMI….aka our FEMA Master PIO Instructors decree that we don’t spend enough time on press releases. I find it hard to believe that many of the new PIOs don’t know how to write press releases…esp ones that are less than 140 characters. Ahem.

Sooooooo in complying with orders, we will spend some time focusing in on press releases.

Most important facts at the top…

…then a few supporting facts…

…followed by less important facts…

…and then maybe some background info.

Octothorpe Octothorpe Octothorpe

Mid morning, we switched gears to TV media as we reviewed all interviews.

Here’s Ohio EMA’s very own Tristan Morath showcasing his newly acquired skills for the class.

His empathy to the injured and compassion to the deceased were great, and the bonus points for his community call to action were outstanding.

Great to see so many OEMA peeps getting training in Emergency Management class with our local providers.

Got a special music request for tomorrow morning along with other social media extras for the class. Also, sharing the good vibes of StratComm before we let out today.

So excited and glad to see an engaged class with so much participation.


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