Ohio EMA Joint Information Center / Joint Information System class in Delaware County

Solid start to this morning’s JIC/JIS class in Delaware County.

Hot topics today will be creating joint messaging that is representative of all of our partners in public safety.

And yes, you know we work hard to craft coordinated concise messaging.

It is our job to get the right information…

To the right people….

At the right time…

So they can make the right decisions.

And this PIO magic can actually happen…..wait for it….in the Joint Information Center (JIC).

Love seeing so much collaboration going on!

Special thanks to Sean and Sandy who were instrumental in bringing this State of Ohio EMA course to our local partners in central Ohio.

Excited to see these new peeps use their new knowledge out in the wild.

Eric Burgess (@ejbdcems) “Have a Whole new respect for the #PIO role in ICS.”

You might want to read that again. Awwwwwww yeah baby!

Many mahalos to all participants who attended this week’s Basic Public Information Officers Course as well as the JIC/JIS class in Delaware County EOC.

Looking forward to working with all of you on the big one.


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