It’s gonna be Maaaaayyyyyyy

It’s gonna be Maaaaaaaay!

That’s right, it’s May!

First week: I get to teach the Basic Public Information Officer course in Indiana!

Second week is all about the Advanced ICS training for a special group of folks. Then a few new assessments on new classrooms, training rooms, media briefing rooms, and EOCs.

Third week we are hitting up the classic state emergency management classes including Effective Communications and Leadership in Today’s World. Don’t forget to network like a Mofo.

Fourth week I get to present to the State of Maryland Emergency Management Conference on Disaster deployment response. And then on Friday (June 1), I get to present to my hometown crew and all local leadership at the regional MMRS conference. Will I see you at Auburn Career Center in Lake County, Ohio?

With 3 regions, May is totes busy! See you out there.



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