Day-1 G-290: Basic PIO class

Starting out another Basic Public Information Officer (PIO) Course with a quick hello from one of the state regional representative.

Additionally, we had a quick welcome from the local Jennings County Emergency Management Director Jerry Shepherd on the importance of the PIO function.

And of course a solid thank you from the State of Indiana’s SAA Elizabeth Westfall.

Did you know that I get to teach with my favorite PIO Instructor? She’s one of my favorite JIC Managers…

Ladies and gents…

Erica Creech!!!!!!

So we decided to jump right into the meat of the class.

Since we had lots of discussion in the FEMA Master PIO class and the FEMA Advanced PIO class as well as FEMA External Affairs leadership – we put heavy focus on the inverted pyramid for press release writing.

Knowing the area and the star PIOs, we opted to include the two more visible PIOs and leverage their years of experience to share with the participants – I invited Mike and Rita!

These two Fire Department PIOs are stars in their own area – while focused to help other PIOs in the business. So by facilitating an open discussion, we can help all attendees get a better view of the roles and responsibilities of a front line PIO.

Wayne Township Fire Department Captain Mike Pruitt has not only supported his department, but also FEMA USAR ISTs in deployments with me in Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Indianapolis Fire Department Battalion Chief Rita Reith is a legend and one of the hardest working FD PIOs in the biz. Her attention to detail and fire updates is so critical to the success of IFD growth over many years.

Glad to have these goofballs spend some time with us and share their knowledge with our class.

Solid first day of the Basic PIO class.

Looking forward to day-2!


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