Day-2 of the G-290: Basic Public Information Officer Course

Starting out Day-2 of the Basic Public Information Officer course.

After a few modules, we dove deep into social media and how we can effectively communicate our message to our peeps. (<—-See what I did there?)

PC: E. Creech

By using different forms of communications and focusing our efforts for our particular audience, we can work smarter not harder.

As for press releases? While the interest has gone down, it’s important to know how other platforms can be used to communicate the same messages – faster and quicker.

The example above is how Erica used 140-characters to replace the standard laborious tedious classic one-page press release.

Detailing the fun stuff on Live broadcast technology, we can share with our participants the excitement and preparedness level needed to do in-field broadcasting. On the opposite end, we can also highlight the dangers and challenges that the intelligence community has to face as they digest and review all the ongoing and very much in real-time, the information being put out to the world on social media.

Challenging but scary time for analysts who live in SOCMINT.

In the class, we encourage people to use social media as it will help them better their skillz (yes, that’s a Z) for use with their tasks.

So imperative that we regularly use the tools that we talk about in class. Practice and proficiency in steady-state operation will lead to smooth operation and perfect execution during crisis or disaster.

As always, we are glad to be a part of the state team to share our knowledge with all attendees.

Tomorrow is more on JIC/JIS action – wohoooooooo!


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