New Joint Information Center / Joint Information System Course on #AlohaFriday

Starting up the G-291: Joint Information Center / Joint Information System course!

As we roll through, today is May 4th. May the Fourth. So here’s an example of press conference and how the JIC can support PIOs.

Maybe C3PO is a field PIO….

Think about that for a second.

C3PO=Human cyborg relations. Yes, C3PO is a PIO. <knowledge bomb> #OMG

After reviewing the course material, we got right into the hands on portion of the class with coordination.

Glad to see so many of the teams working together to put together their classroom press conferences.

Coordination is critical when getting the message to a specific audience.

The lead PIO needs to be able to control and manage the press conference so that all voices are heard.

Seemingly innocuous, the order and formality of a press conference is important and critical to the messaging. Additional coordination with local, county, and state is critical to showcase partnership with all responding agencies.

Fielding questions from reporters like Veronica (played by Erica) is crucial in enhancing the public’s knowledge.

Also, helping PIOs prepare for questions will make for a smoother presser. Sometimes, challenging questions from the gallery make us better PIOs….esp since the questions are based off real situations.

Super proud of all these new PIO peeps.

Congrats on your completion of the State of Indiana Basic Public Information Officer Course and JIC/JIS Course. New PIOS – May the Fourth be with you. Go forth and tweet good stuff.


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