Teaching my favorite class today at the State of Mississippi Emergency Operations Center

And now for my favorite class ever….Social Media Tools and Techniques!!!!!

Time to get your search on and yes, group work is mandatory in this class.

And as the bonus, I brought all the fun PIO toys too.

Yes, that is the famous #PIOStick – deployable and relatively economically feasible for doing all kinds of PIO work out in the field.

Groups discussed preparedness messaging using all kinds of tools including a few to make your messaging more 508 compliant.

We also discussed critical response messaging because time is critical esp to those who have to evacuate immediately.

Our class also formulated rumor control all-hazard messaging specifically designed for crisis management – because rumors are a huge problem during any disaster or emergency. Here’s an example of the FBI pros working closely with local public safety partners to have a joint message push.

Glad to see so many local, county, state, and Federal agencies participating in today’s class. Even more proud to see their willingness to work together now BEFORE a disaster.

And that my friends, is the true magic behind why I teach these classes.

See you on the next big one.


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