Social Media Engagement Strategies at the State of Mississippi EOC

Kicking off Cheryl Bledsoe’s favorite course Social Media Engagement Strategies!

Glad to see a few old friends here at the State of Mississippi EMA. Hiya Tina!

In this class, we talk a bunch about strategy and how we can focus our efforts for maximum outputs. Yes, writing SMART Objectives are not only for ICS and Incident Commanders, but are also for astute social media pros.

So give me your SMART Objectives please!

Now we continue to build on those SMART social media objectives and then roll them into a strategy that any emergency manager can use for their agency.

Proud of the work done here at the State of Mississippi EMA. Looking forward to seeing their work put into play very soon.

No doubt, Mississippi has had it fair share of disasters. BTW-this is an example of the amount of tornado activity and path they took from 1950-2016.

Whoa is right.

Empowering locals as well as state officials will only better their response capabilities. This will ultimately lead to better cohesion esp through communications during disaster response and recovery.

Proud to serve my fellow Emergency Management Pros and look forward to working with all of you during the next big disaster or emergency.


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