Basic PIO day-2

Day-2 started out with some time spent with a back to the basics review of writing skills. Seemingly easy, we all need to refocus our baseline efforts on writing.

A great teaching moment as Amber uses a combination of projector and dry erase board to make press release enhancements with class collaboration.

Dat red pen tho!

But seriously, by revisiting our efforts on writing, we can strengthen our efforts on social media, craft stronger messages that are clear and concise, and most importantly, get the right message, to the right people, at the right time, so they can make the right decisions. Boom!

Thanks to Mike’s persuasive donut techniques, we were able to assemble a fine media panel for our class.

(From left to right)

Indianapolis Fire Battalion Chief Rita Reith

Indiana State Police Trooper John Perrine

Fox 59 Anchor/Reporter Aishah Hasnie

Indy Star Breaking News Team Vic Ryckaert

Outstanding discussion on “no comment” as well as “off the record” – all designed to enhance our Public Information Officers’ skills.

I am thankful to have everyone here to discuss ongoing events with government officials and news media.

Just like the other classes, we reviewed all mock plane crash field interview with all PIOs.

No doubt, a helpful tool as people do things on TV that sometimes could be detrimental to their mission and agency.

Fruitful discussion with everyone attending. I can tell this class really wants to enhance their skills as PIOs.

Even role playing was quite fun as we considered all aspects of Emergency Management as well as the viewpoints of our PIOs from all the ESFs including ESF-13: Law Enforcement!

Bahahaha hahahaha!

Looking forward to the JIC/JIS course tomorrow!


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