Joint Information Center / System #JIC #JIS

How can we take our PIOs and make them better?

That’s right – get them to collaborate and work to coordinated messaging.

Today’s course revolves around the efforts to bring all PIOs together and get them to coordinate and work together.

That’s that Voltron magic you hear me talking about all the time.

PIOs need to work together regardless of backgrounds. Our messaging needs to be concise and coordinated so that we are seen as a unifying voice that our community can rally behind during an emergency or disaster!

Additionally, we must be creative with our work. Every emergency is not the same. Every disaster is not the same.

Most importantly, every community across this great nation is different and demands a different response tailored to meet the needs of our community.

Disasters aren’t easy. Waaaaay not easy!

But this is what we train for, this is what we do.

Glad to teach with Amber and Mike this week.

Looking forward to more training with all of our partners in the region.


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