The importance of the After Action Report (AAR)

After Action Reviews (AARs) and Improvement Plans (IPs) are critical to any agency. Particularly geared toward Emergency Management, we as chaperones of the process have a solid way to discern problems and find collective solutions.

While not as exiting as other events or activities, our methods in problem/solution aka initial findings, cause, analysis, and recommended actions can make the difference for your ongoing operation.

And if you are wondering, this AAR/IP process encompasses all hazards providers from any background. No matter how small or how big of a stake they have in the process, it is imperative that officials capture all the details.

If you want to know more about this common sense ongoing training, exercise, and evaluation process, I’d encourage you to talk to your local Emergency Management agency that can help guide you through this process.

Best part? It’s all documented.


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