Social Media Tools & Techniques at the Michigan State Police HQ

Starting out my favorite class today – Social Media Tools & Techniques at the Michigan State Police HQ.

Quick intro and welcome from the Michigan State Police Training Officer…

…and of course about the other classes offered at MSP.

We discussed a whole host of things including Reddit, 4chan, etc….all for the purpose of gathering info.

Yep, I was able to get that into the presentation.

Tools? You know we talked about the famous PIOStick!

Aww yeah baby!

Included were pieces on augmented reality and how we are using technology to better our response during disasters.

That includes working around critical shortages like power, data, etc….Why? Because we as Emergency Managers need to be creative in our exploration of new avenues for our communities and how to better equip our nation and build a culture of preparedness.

As always, group work was essential in social media as we completed the in class activity separating groups into respective factions of Fire, EMS, Police, Public Works, Executive Policy, Schools, Hospitals/Healthcare, Emergency Management, etc….

Lots of great ideas to share and roll out to the community in times of crisis.

In fact, some creative ways to share their messages with each other, amplifying the mission, goals, and objectives of the operational period.

Great day collaborating with each other.

Meanwhile, outside of our classroom, the new cadets were working on vehicle stop and combative training.

Great fun day talking social media.

Reporting live from the Michigan State Police HQ…


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