FEMA Social Media Engagement Strategies at the Michigan State Police

Last day of the social media set: FEMA NDPTC Social Media Engagement Strategies!

Lots to share with our audience as we discuss various strategies with participants from across the state of Michigan…

…including bits on freak snow events and all sorts of fun stuff.

Thanks Cheryl.

But along with the freak snow events, we also have real world events that drops us right into the mix on social media.

In reality, it’s just one of the ways that we communicate with our audiences so we need to have a plan on how we are going to talk, coordinate, and share similar messages with disaster survivors.

To help facilitate classroom discussion, we opted to share our most recent Michigan find.

That’s right, it says Cops and Donuts.

Yes, we as instructors shared two large boxes of donuts with everyone here at the Michigan State Police HQ. Sharing a power ring with Police and PIOs…one of my favorite pastimes.

Special Aloha and shout out to our POC Crystal!

As always, great to see you again Alisha.

Reporting live from the State of Michigan!


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