COOP Manager class for FEMA Region-5

Good Wednesday morning to all from NIPSTA in Cook County, Illinois!

Swapped my boots out this week to teach w/ FEMA Region-5 in Glenview, Illinois

An incredibly diverse class from across the state for the DHS/FEMA Continuity of Operations (COOP) Manager class. This week’s Continuity class is not only me, but Vince Parisi who leads the THIRA process at our Region-5 offices in Chicago.

Great to hear his take and discuss all the essential core capabilities esp for such a large region like us in the Midwest.

Lots of dialog in the class and great discussion amongst providers and emergency managers. Also enjoyed seeing the cameo appearance by my friend Rose!

I particularly enjoyed the engagement we had with several of our Federal partners in class from FAA, TSA, etc….Great to see that kind of interagency dynamic now in planning.

More tomorrow as we jump into day-2!


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