DHS FEMA COOP Program Manager course – day-2!

Day-2 of the DHS/FEMA Continuity of Operations (COOP) Managers training.

Outstanding to have soooo much engagement from our partners in public safety starting with locals, then on to county, in conjunction with the state and then with all of our Federal partners involved. It’s quite amazing teamwork indeed!

On top of all the details, we are really diving deep into leadership because during crisis or worse yet, we have a Continuity of Government issue, we need to be clear about leadership and control. Little known fact, Vince ran the show years before Rolando…so Vince was a great person to talk about Federal changes and continued support.

As we continue to discuss COOP issues, we MUST exercise and test our skills. Not only plan, but test and exercise to see where our gaps are.

Despite a tedious subject, our participants all shared issues at each of their shops and were open and willing to go another mile to bridge these gaps. And yes, here’s proof that despite lots of information, all participants were smiling at the end of one of my recovery classes.

Reporting live from Cook County….


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