April might be manageable

As we start to sprint into 2Q 2019, it’s hard to believe we are already in April.

First week, I’ll be checking back in with my friends from Summit county as we pop another FEMA Basic PIO course there at the Health Department. I hope Jena doesn’t try to steal my mic again-HA!

Second week will be in teaching another Advanced ICS class in the EOC. I should have a few more videos completed for #MediaMinutes too. You’ll know Paris and Chris by the end of April.

Third week includes a quick meeting w/ FEMA Region V peeps as well as some final prep work for the FEMA COOP class

Fourth week will be an ICS for executive leadership class and then the formal FEMA COOP class at the home office on Thursday and Friday.

Hope to catch all of you in April!


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