Tomorrow’s Advanced Severe Weather Seminar

All setup for tomorrow’s Severe Weather Seminar at Wheaton College.

Our entire team from DuPage County OHSEM will be there. IAP ready too!

Looking forward to hearing from all our speakers and our partners from the National Weather Service Chicago.

Will I see you tomorrow in one of these seats?!?


Packing March 2019 in!

March is marching in as we say hello to another busy month!

First week, will be a few foundation courses focused on Planning P and of course how we as EM pros formulate a proper Incident Action Plan (IAP). These kinds of classes allow EM pros of all levels to hone their skills in training because during a disaster, there are no room for errors or second guessing.

Second week, headed to central Illinois to teach Tornado awareness with one of the premiere national broadcast Meteorologist Dr. John Scala. Then we have our big weather event on Saturday March 16 – Advanced Severe Weather Seminar at Wheaton College! Looking forward to seeing about all of our 500 attendees.

Third week, we are breaking out double-double as we pop FEMA’s Continuity of Operations Class taught by your favorite Master Continuity Practitioner….me! Then on Thursday and Friday, we are nailing down the FEMA EOC Operations course at OHSEM.

Fourth week will be a diverse ICS-300 course with heavy discussion likely on Unified Command, City vs County vs State response, Command issues, as well as wildfire coordination and resource support for large incidents.

If you are counting right, that’s 10 classes.

Glad to support the mission.


Fugly little thing messing up weather today #Groundhogs day

PIO message –

Friendly reminder: REAL weather predictions should be based from real science (like our professionals from the National Weather Service @)…not a fugly little fat groundhog on one-single day.

C’mon peeps! Common sense right?!?



February 2019 with 14 classes?

How is it already February?!? Gawd!

First week will be a double serving of radio intraop comms training. However, we will be rolling out our first ICS-402: ICS for Executives/Senior Officials course. Looking forward to a diverse group of leaders from across the state.

Second week will be back-to-back ICS-400 courses as well as a PIO Awareness course on AlohaFriday.

Third week is another ICS-400 course with heavy focus on AAR/IP and resource coordination.

Fourth week we are rolling out the basic weather courses starting Monday and then Tuesday right into the FEMA Basic PIO Course with JIC/JIS class on Thursday.

Candidly speaking, February is really the calm before the storm. Wait till March 2019. Yikes.

Are we there yet?


Welcome to January 2019!

Holey moley-welcome to 2019!!!!

First week we gotta hit the internal staff with an EOC training exercise and of course finalizing plans for 2Q 2019.

Second week we hone our training plan with Illinois EMA, then swing by and talk comms stuff with the Red Cross Chicago Office. Also popping an easy ICS-400 course on Wednesday and Thursday.

Third week we got a double double special with two packed ICS-300 courses at the home office and tertiary care hospital. Then on Friday, we nail down the FEMA G0289: PIO Awareness course.

Fourth week I’ll be running a PIO workshop and PIO Tabletop. But also dying to hear the internal training update on our mass fatality workshop on Wednesday.

Fifth week, I’ll be popping the FEMA Region-5 COOP class at the office. COOP it baby!

Yar, its going to be busy January.