Deep frying a turkey! #DFT2019

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Today, I could die…because I am deep frying a turkey!

Yeah yeah, I know there are some dangers with deep frying a turkey. So let’s give this a whirl. Esp keeping in mind that we will NOT be deep frying a frozen turkey.

Yeah, I saw a few redic YouTube videos.

I don’t want to be that kind of famous.

I decided to break out my turnout gear as some personal protective gear because it’s kinda hard to predict a vat of bubbling oil.

I also bought peanut oil and ONLY peanut oil for the fryer.

Not going to lie, starting the fryer, I got excited.

As I dunked the turkey in, I dropped it in very slowly. If you decide to make a three point dunk, your turkey will likely splash all the super hot peanut oil all over the place, and hot oil isn’t good for your Thanksgiving look.

And a few options if things get too hot thanks to my handy halligan tool.

Yep, one of my favorite tools. (The other favorite tool is the Talon hook). Forcible entry AND turkey prep FTW!

Our turkey turned out awesome so here’s some easy tips that you can use to ensure your family’s safety when deep frying a turkey.

Tip-1: Dunk your turkey in and out slooooooooooly. Allowed less splashing and spillage.

Tip-2: Use 100% real peanut oil for deep frying. If you have a blend, the smoke point of the oil mixture may change. Translated, it could go kaboom at various temperatures. Pure oil allows for a stable and predictable and higher smoke point (than other commonly used oils).

Tip-3: Use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for turkey safety. No matter the situation, always be prepared – including fire gloves!

Tip-4: I had my favorite halligan and charged hose line (water hose) – just in case things got out of hand.

Tip-5: Heed all safety warnings and watch plenty of YouTube videos because you should be 100% dedicated to this deep frying event. PAY ATTENTION!

Tip-6: Make sure you are a tad late for Thanksgiving turkey dinner time. Grand entrance AND everyone is TOTES hungry.

Tip-7: Thaw and dry your turkey dayzzzzzzzz before you drop it into the boiling hot peanut oil starting at 375.

Tip-8: Have a battle turkey buddy that can help you out with your ūü¶É drying and frying tactics. Extra set of eyes and hands with gloves is a huge help. Additionally, huge bonus points if your battle turkey buddy is a board certified residency trained Emergency Medicine Physician and EMS Medical Director.

Follow these tips to ensure your deep fried turkey actions go well.

Successful #DFT2019 – Happy thanksgiving everyone.

We all have much to be thankful for this year.


Because the house isn’t on fire #DFT2015

So here’s a recap of my deep fried turkey ordeal in 2015

Oil splashing is VERY real. I measured several times the fill rates with water, and we still have spillage. As you can see, the hazard is real and there is no room for error.

The overfill could have caught fire and ignited a gigantic fire ball.

Luckily, I took all precautions and things turned out great. Turnout gear and fire gloves – MANDATORY!

Birds all vary in size and no matter how many times you’ve done this before, you can never be too safe.

Gobble gobble

So what did we learn?

Plan for fire. Wear more than just shorts and flip flops. Boots, nomex everything!


Plan to be outdoors the whole time and never do it indoors.  

Hazards are real and you could explode and catch fire.

Use pure peanut oil to allow for the highest smoke point. Do NOT use olive oil.

Peanut oil actually expires so please check your expiration dates on the peanut oil package.

Measure your oil level first with water before you start frying. Use a catch bin like this seafood basket to better handle your bird and increase your chance of NOT dropping bird and splashing molten hot oil on everyone.

Just like El Guapo, make sure you have a plethora of fire extinguishers around.

Do it on concrete.

Have some aerial ops going on to help document your work.

Take photos while frying. (skillz)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Glad I’m not dead or caught the house on fire.


Turkey thawing temperatures and safe handling techniques #DFT2015

To help thaw my turkey, I just might try this method.


Maybe I should get some gloves so I don’t cross contaminate everything.


But seriously, here’s a few tips to help keep your kitchen (and bathroom) clean as you are thawing your birds:

  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Keep all dishes, plates, and kitchen utensils clean.
  • Use different platters for the raw and cooked¬†turkey.
  • When thawing turkeys in the fridge, use a try or pan to catch the falling juices that may leak.

That sounds like a ton of stuff to remember.


Turkeys are more difficult to cook than rabbit

But for those science nerds or mathletes out there, here’s a more pound based calculation for you:

  • To thaw a 4-12 pound turkey, it will take approximately 1-3 days.
  • To thaw a 12-16 pound¬†turkey, it will take approximately 3-4 days.
  • To thaw a 16-20 pound¬†turkey, it will take¬†approximately 4-5 days.
  • To thaw a 20-24 pound¬†turkey, it will take¬†approximately 5-6 days.

Basically, if you have a frozen turkey, over 12 pounds, you are screwed.


Get thawing! NOW!


Just like William Shatner #DFT2015

I must be cool if I’m in the same pool as William Shatner.

“Eat, Fry, Love.” – State Farm Insurance

OK, he’s got some good tips.

wait…Wait…WAIT!!!!!! James T. Kirk…..Kevin T. Sur…..I now see the similarities!


Jetzzz Jacuzzi for thawing my turkeys! #DFT2015

I’m thawing my turkey now.


Wait, they don’t need the Jacuzzi bubbles?

I better take them out of the wrapper and move them inside in the tub.

turkeys in a bathtub

By removing the shrink wrap, they should thaw faster right?


Who’s ready for Thanksgiving with @rusnivek?!?!?

Important tips:

  • If you drop a frozen solid¬†turkey into the deep fryer, the water frozen in the turkey will react with the oil and cause a rapid reaction that will likely cause explosion.
  • The overflow and reaction will likely cause peanut oil overflow which can lead to a gigantic fireball when ignited by the open flame.
  • Peanut oil on your¬†concrete is hard to clean. It will leave a massive smelly stain on your driveway.
  • Even a partially frozen turkey will retain the water/moisture and initiate the oil + water reaction with possible explosion and fire.


And here I am just thawing my turkey. Maybe I should call my insurance agent.

Reporting live from the bathroom…


Back up plan for disaster this Thursday #DFT2015

So if you wanted to know, I’m a bit nervous for this deep fried turkey on Thursday.

Me? Worry?
#nervous indeed!

What’s the worst that could happen?!?!?!

A. Burn the house down?

B. Burn the neighbor’s house down?

C. Burn the entire block down?

D. All of the above.

Those of you that know my luck, I am sure that I stand a good chance of creating a gigantic mess this Thursday.

As a planner, I like to think I have some backup plans drawn up.

Here’s option-A

And here’s option-B.

Any questions?

In 5 days, I just hope I don’t explode with this turkey.