Deep frying my turkey – I’m gonna die #DFT2018

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m about to die.

Glug glug glug – I measured it w/ water and turkey in the pot.

So it’s a calculated amount of peanut oil in there.

Just to be on the safe side, I’ll leave a little room for turkey expansion.

Maybe my camera puts on more pounds. HA!

OK, my propane tank is as far away as I can get it.

Don’t think I want an explosion.

Then, in case things go bad, I got some protective gear.

Awww yeah baby! Warm AND protected!

And maybe, if things go bad, I can Hong Kong Phooey kick it into the grass away from the building right?

Time to gear up!

Thinking back, this was probably a good idea to wear my turnout coat and gloves.

Yeah, I think Chicago has had a big fire before.


Buuuuuuuuuuut why does my turkey look like its on a cross?!?!?!??!?!?


But first, lemme take a selfie…

…for proof of life.

Fire is on. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay hot.

What? Did you say drop it like it’s hot?!?!

Awwwww yeah, time to get crazy-let’s drop this sucker in.





Am I at the bottom yet?!?!!??! OMG! Why is this soooooo frickin hot!!!!!

Well, so far so good! I haven’t burned anything….yet.

I also took the time to clear away any brush and debris from the area. Also notice the brick non-wood sprinklered building next to me?

Additional information, I also had backup from a retired Fire Chief from the State of Ohio Fire Marshall’s Office right next to me. Despite a whole bunch of white helmets, it was definitely worth having a backup!

Did I have a backup plan? You know I did. First off, I would NOT have done this.

Second, if things got bad, I would have definitely called 9-1-1.

The last thing I need is my friends from CFD getting pissed. Tho, TBH, they would have made me fill out the NIFRS report.

And third, this was the backup plan.

Yeah, the IMT PSC and FEMA MCP comes out more often than you think.

So in the end, everything turned out great. Turkey was awesome and soooo delicious.

Few deep frying turkey tips for you:

  • Measure your peanut oil level (water + bird in pot)
  • A little less on the fill line with peanut oil is good
  • SLOWLY drop your bird in the oil
  • Use gloves and protective clothing as hot oil splashes everywhere
  • Test bird doneness via internal temperature (not time)
  • Have multiple fire extinguishers available
  • Have a rapid dump site available away from building
  • In case things go bad, have a cell phone to call 9-1-1 quickly

This year, our family invited a few new Navy family and friends over for dinner.

Glad to spend Thanksgiving with those who protect our freedoms 24-7.

We all have much to be thankful for this year.




Walk slowly #Winter #Weather #Preparedness #OHWx

Walk slower in the Winter? What?




Freezing rain is rain that freezes when it hits the ground, creating a coating of ice on roads, walkways, trees and power lines…so SLOW DOWN!

So remember to walk carefully on snowy, icy, walkways.


OK, that’s better.



2016 #Winter #Weather #Preparedness theme is……. #OHWx

Tomorrow starts 2016 Winter Weather Preparedness Week!

And this year’s theme is….Frozen!!


Shocker I know. So kick back and get comfy…


We will share great preparedness items and tips including some from Ready.Gov and NOAA/NWS and OhioEMA.

Cause for the first time in forever, nothing’s in my way…in preparing for winter weather hazards!



Jetzzz Jacuzzi for thawing my turkeys! #DFT2015

I’m thawing my turkey now.


Wait, they don’t need the Jacuzzi bubbles?

I better take them out of the wrapper and move them inside in the tub.

turkeys in a bathtub

By removing the shrink wrap, they should thaw faster right?


Who’s ready for Thanksgiving with @rusnivek?!?!?

Important tips:

  • If you drop a frozen solid turkey into the deep fryer, the water frozen in the turkey will react with the oil and cause a rapid reaction that will likely cause explosion.
  • The overflow and reaction will likely cause peanut oil overflow which can lead to a gigantic fireball when ignited by the open flame.
  • Peanut oil on your concrete is hard to clean. It will leave a massive smelly stain on your driveway.
  • Even a partially frozen turkey will retain the water/moisture and initiate the oil + water reaction with possible explosion and fire.


And here I am just thawing my turkey. Maybe I should call my insurance agent.

Reporting live from the bathroom…