July is here! #2019

July!!! 3Q and the start of the second half of the year is rolling! July will definitely be a busy one as

First week, lotsa planning including the IPEM and ICS re-certification process.

Second week popping a FEMA PIO Awareness course with my new friends at Mundelein Fire (Lake County, IL).

Third week is vacation. First one all year. Don’t bother me.

Fourth week, we got more on the ICS refresher and then a few more ICS classes including an ICS-400 course for our DoD partners and the Illinois Air National Guard.

Fifth week, we got more planning and fun with ICS, EM Courses, and the ramp up to a few brand new courses debuting with my office.


To recap, it’ll be an intense two region month with 5 and 9.

Hope to see you out there.



July 2018

July is going to be busy as we launch into 3Q 2018!

First week: full of assessments, paperwork, skills verification, and maybe a big press conference.

Second week: Another fun ICS-300 class. This time, lots to discuss in the TTX.

Third week: county functional exercises and a last minute debris management course.

Fourth week: full scale county exercises at the Emergency Operations Center.

Likely some big news as we add on to the team.

Stay safe everyone!