How is it December already?

Can”t believe it’s already December as we pack in these full classes to count in 2019.

First week we have ICS-300: Intermediate Incident Command for Expanding Incidents at Darien Woodridge Fire Department (DWFD). Glad to continue to build the foundation of Emergency Management with our partners in public safety.

Second week we are doing the ICS-400: Advanced ICS course at DWFD as we continue to support our locals and others from across the country. Additionally, I will be popping a FEMA G0291 Joint Information Center course at the City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC). Looking forward to the completely full course.

Third week with another downtown bunch of meetings and of course we got inventory of stuff. All the stuff.

Fourth week as we close out 2019 with lots to recap and summarize for our leadership. Soooooooooo basically, it’s all about my TPS reports here.

In short, I’m just glad to have my training plan laid out for 2020.

Hope to see you in a disaster…I mean in the classroom soon.


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