October 2019 = SM + COOP + ICS + PIO

October will be busy with a tight schedule between classes.

First week

Second week I’ll be heading back to Jacksonville, Florida to teach social media including my favorite social media courses. Hope to catch up to a few folks that I worked with during the 2017 Hurricane Irma response. Region-4 baby!

Third week we will be finalizing our plans for the 2020 training schedule and laying out the ground work for the 2021 schedules. If my plan works, I got some SURprises up my sleeve for my constituents. Also, don’t forget about the International #ShakeOut day on 10-17-19 at 10:17.

Fourth week I’ll get to spend at FEMA HQ for a brand new Pilot COOP Program. That’s right, I’ll get to hang w/ Rolandoooooooooooooooooooooo! All week in a suit = typical Washington, DC.

Fifth week, I’ll pop a quick ICS-300 and if protesters continue, maybe some other stuff. And on Aloha Friday (11-01-19), we will be doing another FEMA PIO Awareness course at Bensenville Police/EMA.

Lots to do as we start out 2019’s 4Q. Hope to see you out there.


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