This deployment loadout

Many people ask what I take on deployments. Like a good #PIO, my answer is “It depends…” 🤣

But seriously. IT TRULY DOES DEPEND ON THE #DISASTER!!! Just like your emergency #preparedness #kit (that varies person-to-person) your #deployment bag should suit your needs and the requirements of the deployment.

This particular deployment is different than the typical all response to #Hurricane Katrina/Rita, #Tornado response, #WorldSeries, and Hurricane Irma/Maria.

On this particular deployment, I’d call my setup to be “light” as it is bare bones.

Here’s the specifics on the actual bags.

Wheeled duffel: Eagle Creek ORV Trunk 30

Rollerboard: TravelPro Maxlite-3 22”

Backpack: 511 Tactical Rush 24

Clothing for at least one month goes in the wheeled duffel. Rollerboard carries all tech equipment and PIO/#JIC gear including @nikonusa #DSLR, PIO bag, power packs, dongles, and large battery packs. Backpack is all mission essential stuff including laptops, iPads, radio comms, essential daily gear, hard drives, and important paperwork including hard copy deployment orders.

I have used all of these bags in multiple deployments so they are deployment tested and meet my rugged requirements. TBH, I purchase stuff that is prob over-engineered for use, but I’d rather have more of a safety net than not enough.

Hope that helps you out in your disaster prep as I am on site at 4420DR-NE at the Joint Field Office.

Be safe out there peeps!


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