Assuming command of External Affairs on this disaster deployment as the FEMA EAO

Late night call from our External Affairs Officer with the orders to move to fill at the Joint Field Office. That means…pack up your stuff and head back to Lincoln!

But at 0500, Mother Nature made no effort to make my travel easy.

How fugly muggly was it? Was it bad?


On arrival to the Joint Field Office, we were all informed that we were losing 33% of our staff for forward deployment to Puerto Rico to fill External Affairs positions before the Hurricane Dorian strike.

#boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo – I hate losing staff!

So Cinci continued to brief me on my new assignment… acting External Affairs Officer for DR4420-NE.

Woah. Just like all the kids in school huh?

But don’t you worry, I still gotta do TV interviews and all media requests. So continue on the #PIO role.

I am thankful to Cini, Zuni, and DuWayne for entrusting me with command of the External Affairs Staff.

Glad to be here and impact the community with solid stuff to aid in response and recovery.

A wise man reminded me of this phrase “Don’t screw it up.”

Thinking caps on this week as I lead our EA team now….


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