EAO duties as well as statewide PIO duties!

Full day as I attend the morning rounds of meetings as the acting External Affairs Officer. National Ops briefing, FCO standup, and then briefing our staff with ongoing activities for the week.

External Affairs can support the plan.

Resources are ready…so let’s execute the plan!

Jumping on to another flood conference call with our local partners to ensure our coordinated efforts are working. While not exciting stuff, you have to understand that this kind of coordination calls are mission critical as we move the operations along. These relationships is what makes Emergency Management magical as we continue to concrete our position as the coordinating entity in any emergency or disaster.

But back out to Branch II Division-J!

Windshield time as we open another Disaster Recovery Center in Buffalo County.

These Disaster Recovery Centers allows us to have face-to-face conversations with disaster survivors. We can get them registered, update their records, etc….all sorts of things. Thank goodness for our stellar DSA Teams as they support the role of the MRIC here in Buffalo County. Special thanks to Patricia Windward who just received the FCO’s award for going above and beyond the call of duty for our efforts here in this disaster.

We are also fortunate to have our Mitigation teams out as well helping to inform survivors to rebuild stronger and provide assistance in building a more resilient structure.

Again, we have so many facets of the DRC.

The location of this one is in a mall so it’s nice for our staff to utilize a place that everyone has easy access and is already established.

Looks like it’s going to be a long day covering External Affairs Officer stuff as well as statewide PIO stuff.

Reporting live from the field…


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