Day of meetings and still supporting the plan!

Welcome to the day of a gajillion meetings!

We started out with the National Ops call and then went right on into the FCO’s stand up.

Next up was the Ops meeting for our current disaster as well as the Tribal disaster action plan. I was fortunate to play the role this week. 😳

Yep, I am the acting External Affairs Officer for this disaster.

I better not screw this up.

And for those wondering if the PSC really does go around the room an ask every Chief and Command and General Staff if they can support the plan. Here’s your proof.

See, the video isn’t too far off.

EA turned it’s attention to the FEMA All-Hands meeting w/ our 260 employees.

Our FEMA EA Plans & Products Manager Tarisha got recognized by the FCO for her exemplary work for this disaster and beyond. Proud of you Tarisha!

Then off to another planning meeting.

See, the planning P does exist and abiding by the process, you can identify other issues and allocate the right resources to combat the issue.

Whew, busy day!


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