Aloha Friday with a packed schedule of EAOing and PIOing

Morning start w/ our National Ops call and the FCO standup. NWS and our HQ folks working the magic for those in the path of Dorian.

However, this time, we had to really look at how we are staffed because of the increased demands for the response to the Cat-5 Hurricane Dorian.

Our FCO then requesting a follow up staffing plan for ongoing O-periods…basically he wanted to know who was getting redeployed to the hurricane so he can quickly assess his options of staff and move to fill others to compensate. This is the perfect example of prioritization and allocation of resources. EXACTLY what we talk about in class.

Since we are collaborating on the disaster declaration for the Ponca Tribe, our own External Affairs Jay from Region X is the expert on Tribal Relations.

Fresh from the Tribal Council meeting at Haskell University, Special thanks to Jay for teaching today’s training to our staff at the FEMA Joint Field Office.

After a quick huddle w/ my EA staff on our weekend plans, updates, and rally call, I had to head to Buffalo County to staff part-1 of an interview w/ NTV Brandon Cortes featuring Community Leader and long-time humanitarian citizen Paul Younes.

Glad to get him the feature in the story as his dedication to his employees during the floods as well as his generosity for recuperation efforts is astounding.

Looking forward to Brandon’s story about this community hero.


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