Saddle up for Tuesday’s Recovery effort!

Tuesday is here and we gotta hit the ground running.

Glad to see a few of our staff back from Puerto Rico as they demob from the Hurricane Dorian response.

Our Operations Section Chief brought some bright eyed new crew from FEMA Corps to External Affairs.

Love to see some new talent on our side as we beef up our numbers!

Midday, I was privileged to see a few new FEMA hires take the stage with our FCO.

All from various backgrounds, that is truly what makes our organization unique.

Welcome to the team peeps!

No time for rest because we gotta staff an interview. Phoner!

And Danielle wants a headshot…so I sent her this one.

But apparently, she wanted one that I was smiling. Ummmmmm, I was smiling – THAT IS HOW I SMILE!

So I hope this one was good enough.

Jeez these MMJs.

And for those that were wondering, here’s her story.

Busy Tuesday. Tomorrow we hit up our new Disaster Recovery Center in Custer county. Third straight week of DRC action to serve all survivors statewide.

No rest for the weary!


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