New DRC open in Sargent in Custer County!

Wednesday is the official opening of our Disaster Recovery Center in Sargent (Custer County). This includes the onboarding of our new FEMA Corps Gulf-5 team. We got a 3.5 hour drive to get to the site so let’s roll!

As usual, we have our FEMA Individual Assistance and Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams and FEMA Mitigation Teams onsite to help out anyone who has questions or wants to update their records.

Additionally, we partner with the Small business Administration, to provide added services for survivors.

We are fortunate to have Nebraska Strong to help with survivors needs and can provide an added listening ear for mental health.

You see, a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) is more than just taking information and getting people registered. We look at our efforts as the all-Hazards response to community recovery.

And not just hanging out, we popped a quick interview with the Sargent Leader reporter Lawrence.

Glad to showcase some PIO skills to our Gulf-5 team as we conducted the interview in the DRC.

Excited to spend more time with our FEMA Corps Gulf-5 team as they integrate into our response/recovery planning.

Proud to have this outstanding bunch with us in External Affairs – I look forward to working with you in FEMA!

Reporting live from the heart of the state….


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