Passing command and our field operations update PIO interview

FCO – from acting EAO – passing command back to EAO Zuni!

Phew, no one dead under my watch.

More importantly, aside from Zuni assuming command and a briefing with the staff, the change of command has to be formal. While easy just to say F2F that someone else is assuming command, I would also make sure that is documented in the IAP and other formal forms of communications. I opted for the IAP, F2F, and then follow up with an email outlining date/time of formal change of command. See, all the stuff we talk about in our ICS classes – I actually do in the field because they do make a difference.

Besides, being informal leads to being sloppy…esp in a formal liability setting.

<Now back to the regularly scheduled programming PIOing!>

We continue to do the work in Sargent as we field more new registrations for disaster assistance.

Our field pros are out doing door-to-door assessments throughout countless communities.

“Statewide, we have over 6,800 applicants for disaster assistance. FEMA has awarded nearly $26 million to applicants from the FEMA Individual & Household Program.” – FEMA PIO Kevin Sur


“Just within the last 2 weeks, our Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams have completed over 2,500 home assessments in some of the hardest hit areas in multiple counties.” – FEMA PIO Kevin Sur

Whoa. Those are staggering numbers.

Firing on all cylinders, we are full strength as we push on through this recovery operation.


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