Happy AlohaFriday from the JIC!

Aloha Friday is here so that means we have lotsa lotsa…meetings.

Charles-gimme a smile!

Planning meetings, Command and General Staff meetings, and of course…External Affairs can support the plan. (Also, glad to hear that Operations can execute the plan!)

So what really happens? What kind of things are we doing? On a Friday? LOTS!

  • Translated documents into Somali.
  • Targeted audiences
  • Infographics
  • PIO Quotes
  • Updated stats/figures of our operations
  • Burn rates
  • FEMA personnel assigned
  • Allocation of resources
  • Community leader assessment
  • EM Director discussion
  • State SCO Conference
  • FCO chat
  • Medical refresher on stroke for EA staff
  • PSAs
  • Reporter questions
  • Phoner interview
  • Media monitoring
  • Social media analysis
  • PIO Rapid Response
  • Training
  • Daily reports
  • And of course one required mandatory FEMA HR annual class

Yeah, that’s 8-hours. All of that in the Joint Field Office in the Joint Information Center.

Some may have the misconception that all we as PIOs is talk to the media, pretty face for the camera, and that’s it. NOPE. Hard-working truly dedicated PIOs have very little free time during any operational period.

Just glad to share a bit of the behind the scenes efforts.

Happy #AlohaFriday peeps!


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