Starting the new ICS-300 at DuPage County OHSEM

Back at it because there is no rest for the weary. Welcome to ICS-300 here at DuPage County OHSEM! Here’s DuPage County OHSEM’s Director Murray Snow welcoming everyone to the start of our class.

Glad to see so many of our partners here to learn and contribute good disaster information. Participants from 4 counties and 12 different municipalities from across the State of Illinois.

Being the first agency to deliver the new 2019 version of the ICS courses in Illinois, we are able to showcase the efforts of Emergency Management through collaboration and coordination.

New version also has more time for classroom activities and group work.

Using the infamous….I mean famous Central City, we are able to work through several scenarios to help better allocate resources to any disaster or emergency. And unifying efforts on any disaster can make all of us more agile in response/recovery.

As we continue on, we talk about transfer of command, unified command, hit up some SMART Objectives, and critical PIO activities that can help pass information on to other partners in public safety.

Glad to share this information with our most trusted partners from across the State of Illinois.

As we continue to nurture solid discussion, we want to be cognizant of our agency’s contributions to the effort. We discussed Type-5 incidents that eventually turn into Type-1 incidents and the disaster pace of the escalation.

Hard discussions about effective response vs response and how much emotion plays into command efforts. In fact, we had some debate about comfort level and experience in an actual disaster.

Trust me, you can’t be picture perfect in a disaster.

Things will inevitably go wrong and your measure of a pro is how you respond accordingly. And believe you me that you are being judged as soon as you enter into theatre. No second guesses.

And yes, I’m wearing a tie. Calm down..

Looking forward tomorrow to day-2 of ICS-300!


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