Day-2 with a special visit from…

Day-2 of the new 2019 ICS-300 course. Everyone’s here to discuss ongoing operations for response and recovery – awesome!

A special guest stopped by our class too….

Shout out to Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s Acting Director Alicia Tate-Nadeau on addressing our class and rallying them to continue to train and collaborate.

It is always great to have leadership share some insight of the ongoing issues that are occurring statewide. In this case, TN shared how specifically ICS-300 applies to everyday operations for our all-hazards public safety professionals. Ongoing, as Illinois pushes through for the disaster declaration, how NIMS and ICS play into ICS-300 as many people work through flood recovery operations for so many communities across the State of Illinois.

Looking forward to day-3 in ICS-300!


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