The new 2019 ICS 300 – last day including Demob, Employee Evaluations, and post tests

Final day of ICS-300 and we continue to bring things together on day-3. We cover demobilization, evaluation, corrective actions, and of course After Action Reports (AARs). As for our class? I have been committed to sharing the most current examples and realistic actions from disasters. I was able to share my FEMA employee evaluation from my most recent deployment and share our demobilization procedures to help supplement the ICS forms that is discussed in the class.

Sharing your AAR is critical component of EM is key so that we can share our best actions as well as our toughest issues with others.

That’s right, lemme say that one more time: SHARE YOUR MISTEAKs…I mean MISTAKES!!! Don’t be shame. Be a professional. Because by sharing your mistakes, you are now contributing to the body of knowledge for all disaster response and recovery.

Does it suck to say you made a mistake? Yep! But aren’t you a professional and want improve our profession? Remember, a rising tide raises all ships.

After a spirited discussion, we started on our closed-book post-test.

A fun way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Back in the saddle here to serve our all-hazards statewide public safety providers.


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