Raid on Area51? #NarutoRun? NO!

Soooooo, today is the Raid on Area 51. The Facebook group that gandered all this interest is really…interesting. Not because of the actual action, but participants’ engagement as well as marketeer’s actions to bolster sales of widgets and services.

While I know many people are excited to break through a government facility, I would caution you to NOT BREAK THE LAW.

I don’t work at Area51.

I have never been to Area51.

I don’t know where Area51 is located.

I don’t have a pass to enter the gate into Area51.

**If you don’t have approved access to Area51, you should not attempt a break in.**

As for aliens? That is not my AOR.



However, maybe my meetings today will include this theme. Ha-I kill me!


Please don’t do anything illegal.

Follow the direction of local authorities.

Don’t do anything dumb.

Happy AlohaFriday peeps!


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