Final day of the IMT Finance Section Chief course

Lots to share here today as we roll into the final day of the FEMA FSC Course here at the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Huge discussions on closeout and demobilization. The emphasis was placed on unused resources AND underutilized resources. That’s right, if you are NOT needed, you can go home!

As we continued to talk about the efforts of the FSC, instructors shared this slide and quite honestly, it could relate to any of the positions in the IMT.

Maybe course creators were referencing the old school line of “FEMA flexible” right?

Lots of time was dedicated to personnel/performance evaluations.

The FSC has lotsa responsibilities pertaining to HR…so paperwork really does make the world go round. Additionally, the FSC position is more than just $$.

This entire week brought back memories when I was assigned as the FSC in a full-scale exercise where I had a TON of anxiety.


Now feeling more confident in the role of FSC.

As we neared the end of the day, like any other IMT course, there’s a post-test.

Did I pass? How many did I get wrong? And most importantly…did I beat Burrito who majored in finance in college?!?!? Well, here’s his expression.

Awwwww yeah. All smiles as we both passed the final exam. Phew.

Bonus points may have been awarded because #WeWearPinkOnWednesdays

Incident Commander=✅

Safety Officer=✅

Liaison Officer=✅

Public Information Officer=✅

Operations Section Chief=✅

Plans Section Chief=✅

Logistics Section Chief=✅

Finance Section Chief=✅

Now if I can only find an InI Chief class…


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