Day-1 of the ICS-400 Course at DuPage OHSEM

Getting started on another new FEMA ICS-400 here at DuPage County OHSEM with a warm welcome from Sup Corey Mulryan.

A big part of this new 2019 rewrite of the ICS-400 course is more group work/activities that leverage participant information and experience with the Central City fictitious scenario. So as we compare experiences we want to hear from everyone on their possible solutions.

This activity based training allows Emergency Managers to think outside the box.

Additionally, as we are starting to see more complex disasters, we want to prepare many of our local public safety for the possibility for more dangerous situations. As you can see, a normal day-to-day emergency is described as a Type-5 incident. While a large complex disaster is considered a Type-1 incident. Usually locals can handle a Type-5, Type-4, and Type-3 incident with their on duty personnel and their mutual aid partners. Meanwhile, Type-2 and Type-1 disasters require more resources, personnel, and likely prolonged operations.

“That’s my type…that’s my type.” #TikTok

As we continue to foster solid discussion with our local and county pros, we start to see how integral it is for all participants to build professional relationships prior to any incident.

Great all-hazards discussion amongst all participants including a solid discussion on preparedness efforts. After all, it is the 2019 National Preparedness Month.

Looking forward to day-2 tomorrow!


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