Final day of our ICS-400 class at DuPage County OHSEM

As we continue our discussion in ICS-400, we compare Unified Command and the benefits of Area Command. In fact, we talk a bunch about the planning-P and how we use the same process to design the Incident Action Plan.

As situations get more complex, we continue to use the same planning process…that’s right, the ICS process is expandable and has the ability to flex up as needed for any response. This includes large-scale events too.

We also discuss how we can assign the responsibilities amongst all Command & General Staff members as we include all in the planning process.

As we wrap up the final FEMA ICS-400 capstone activity, we flushed out a few actionable items that will help all participants foster better relationships in challenging situations. Translated: disasters are tough so we have to make magic happen for our constituents.

Glad to have such a great class and solid participation from everyone this week.

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!


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