FSE with decreased staffing?

Not all emergencies or disasters happen in broad daylight…or even better yet, M-F 8A-5p. That’s why it’s imperative that your staff trains for situations that come up during weird hours.

Our staff attended the DuPage County Airport exercise that simulated an aircraft w/ mechanical issues then crashing.

Obviously a tough situation, but definitely plausible/realistic (few years ago).

We had many all-hazards providers from across the area to respond and are thankful for their participation in the full-scale exercise.

Now, interesting to hear that there were several real world calls that occurred during the exercise that decreased the response effort.

Lemme be straight: THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS IRL!

So as a planner or leader, don’t be discouraged with this variance because this is exactly why we train for these types of situation. Rarely, will we have a day that everyone is working wIth 100% capacity.

Look at it this way, being able to provide the same capability with decreased staffing Is a win for your department.

If you fudge your exercises to showcase you are perfect 100% of the time, real Emergency Managers now you are a fraud.

Be real. Make your training real and best serve your partners.


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