You can read? Yep, my quarterly reading

People often ask what I read to supplement my profession. I read four books per year. (Hilariously, I also have the same amount of people who also ask me “HOW THE HELL DO YOU FIND THE TIME TO READ?!?!?”)

While I am sure I can read more, if I inundate my little brain with too much stuff, I would never implement the things I glean from reading.

As we close out 3Q, and since we are teaching the FEMA COOP Manager TtT course, I am finishing up Reading Raven Rock.

Interesting perspective to historical processes and def a fun government read esp when it comes to continuity operations.

As we start 4Q, I have opted to switch to a more specific book. Since I already follow Nada, I am looking forward to reading some of her thoughts on Targeters.

You know I love to hunt.

What are you reading this quarter?

(Gimme some ideas on what you are reading for my 1Q 2020 time.)


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