Less shorts, more pro

In reviewing a few clips that were sent to me, I realize that people, even in an emergency, are judging our performance.

Take for example, this FDNY member who is seen in a video here on a rescue of a patient on the train tracks.

Welp, I am sure the Firefighter in shorts wasn’t trying to make a statement, but the public questioned his attire.

Maybe those shorts are approved attire for train response. I dunno.

Maybe he was wear testing for new uniform trial. I dunno.

Maybe he was working out when he got the call and couldn’t get dressed in time. I dunno.

Either way, the comments and pause it gave the general public was thought provoking and likens it to the same mantra we should be touting as we roll into 2020: WE ARE ALWAYS ON STAGE.

Quite honestly, your PIO(s) would not want to deal with this apparel issues.

Regardless of the temps or fashion, we should be cognizant of our apparel as we roll out to save lives.

While long pants doesn’t make us better at our jobs, it does provide a sense of unity and uniform.

Less shorts, more pro.


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