FEMA L0102: Emergency Management Basic Academy Day-2

Guess what I get to talk about today?

I wonder if the boss will let me bring this teaching aid into class. “LSC from @rusnivek, Ima need a crane and a forklift please!”

Tsunami is a series of very long wavelength ocean waves caused by the sudden displacement of water by earthquakes, landslides, or submarine slumps.

While the inundation is important (max horizontal distance reached), the tsunami run-up (maximum height of the wave achieves) is totes important.

Varying factors play into inundation and run-up like

  • Energy of the tsunami
  • Topography of the land
  • orientation of the land to the oncoming wave
  • Tide

So there is no set same answer for every tsunami. Yeah, Emergency Managers need to be good about knowing their response area to best serve their community.

Repeat after me, “Locals will execute…”



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