Monday PIO huddle, email lists, and a note from Arizona

Monday is here as we check in on our actions from the weekend. Seems like it’s all working out well.

This week, we gotta test the skills of our PIOs so since everyone knows how to engage on zoom meetings, I need to test the other technologies. Let’s do this on FaceTime. Totally on the fly, all on the mobile!

And to help spice things up this week? We are going to change it up and I’ll be wearing a helmet everyday this week. This week’s choice?

Awwww yeah, give it up for my fellow Brother Firefighters…

I know Don and John are jelly.

As we start to grow our media lists, we are starting to see more national stations chiming in. If you need to be added to our news media distro, LMK and I’ll be happy to add your trusted email to our daily push.

And a quick note from last night from Bonnie in one of the Arizona JICs.

Glad to hear the training provided is paying off for a few of my PIO friends in FEMA Region 9….

Flattered to hear that others are doing solid work to protect their communities from the Coronavirus.



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